2x Full Length Tandem Paragliding Flights For 2 People, -Minimum 10minutes Flying Each Guaranteed, Normally Longer


🪂Great Gift Idea🪂

More time in the air!

When you choose the Full Length Flight, we GUARRENTEE youll have a minimum of 10 minutes in the air! If your flight is shorter than 10 minutes (due to weather conditions), well offer you another flight, 100% free of charge! Either straight away or on a different day.

Fly yourself!

When you purchase the Full Length Flight, youll have the chance to take control of the glider yourself (if you choose to)! Under the supervision and training of your instructor (You will NOT be flying solo, only controlling the glider with your intructor in flight).

360° Views!

As we gain altitude, you will be able to see the local area with a ‘birds eye view’!

Perfect gift idea!

Once you have purchased your flight, if you wish to gift it to someone, you’ll have the chance to download a printable Gift Voucher after payment. We ask if you do this, can you please write your order number (this will be in your email) on the last page of the voucher.

In-flight filming!

Because ‘Full Length Flights’ are much longer than our ‘Top to Bottom Flights’ you’ll have plenty of time to get your phone out and get those perfect Instagram photos! (Please be advised we hold no responsibility for any loss or damages to any personal items such as phones and cameras during our flights)




Tandem Paragliding Flight in the Cotswolds!

Your tandem paragliding flight will start on one of the three hills we fly from (Click HERE to see where they are) depending on the direction of the winds that day. You will then both have a safety briefing (this will include you learning what to do when we launch, land and when we’re in flight), we will then get you into your paragliding harness and helmet and make sure it is fitted correctly, and will both be attached to the glider wing (pilot sat behind passenger).

Then we FLY!

Once in the air you will have the time to sit back, relax and see the Cotswolds from above! The flight will normally last for a minimum of 10 minutes before slowly coming back down to land. If the flight lasts a lot less than 10 minutes, I will offer a few shorter flights as well. Due to equipment we can only take one passenger at a time.

  • Minimum flight time: 10 minutes (normally longer).
  • Weight range. Min-40Kg/Max-100Kg
  • Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult, and must be over 40Kg
  • Be able to fly the glider yourself!
  • 12 month expiry date.
  • Have the chance to take photos.
  • Learn more about what it takes to become a paraglider pilot!
  • Share a great experience with a friend or loved one!
Once purchased please print two copies of your voucher, which will be available to download after payment.


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