Kortel Kolibri Lightweight Harness – Medium


Light weight XC Harness.



The  Kolibri is our lightweight harness racing competition or flight, or bivouac flight.

Result of three years of reflection on this activity, it is distinguished by several major innovations:

Structure in dyneema halyards.

Monoplanel design.

Big full back protector, foam-bag / airbag.

Adjustable splice adjustments.

It remains unbeatable in the niche of bivouac flights and expeditions due to its unparalleled comfort and its large storage capacity.


Comfortable accelerator

The pressure of the accelerator is spread all along the basin to limit hard points

Large back pocket

Large back pocket. Kolibri has the largest storage volume in its class.

Carbon ring 45g

An exclusive Kortel Design. The carbon ring, two times lighter than a carbon board, much more resistant!

Sliding splice settings

All the adjustments of the harness are done by an adjustable splicing system, simple, light and extremely reliable.

Integrated vario door

Mini-vario attachment integrated into the shoulder

Ventral rescue

Rescue ventral position with easily accessible handle for safe and easy extraction

Flexible connectors

Standard softlinks (2300 DaN resistance) for a safe and light connection with the sail

Camelback fastening

The back pocket incorporates a clip for camelback.

Lower pocket

Large storage pocket under the thighs. To prefer to the back pocket for heavy or hard elements that can cause injuries in the back.


Slip skirt

If accelerating without touching the Kocon is not natural to you, this skirt will protect the bottom of the Kocon from the friction of the shoes.

Sak Kolibri 80l

The bag of portage dedicated to the Kolibri in use flying bivouac.

Karbone board

If the feeling of the carbon ring disturbs you, it is always possible to opt for the traditional carbon board.

Sak Kolibri 60l

The carrying bag dedicated to Kolibri in walking or flying mode