Top to Bottom Flight (Shorter Flight)

£50.00 £40.00

A shorter tandem flight for one person.




A Top to Bottom does exactly what is says on the tin. You will start by having a safety briefing with your instructor where you will learn what you’ll need to do when launching and landing. You will then be attached to both the paraglider and your experienced instructor, before flying down over the roads and houses, and landing at the bottom of the hill. During the flight you and your instructor will be flying at an altitude around 200-300ft and travelling at a ground speed at around 15mph. You will have the choice whether you would like a slow, calm relaxing flight down to the bottom. Or a more exciting flight, allowing your instructor to show you some high G and weightlessness manoeuvres.


Once purchased please print one copy of your voucher, which will be available to download after payment.


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