Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Flight

To ensure that your flight is as safe and enjoyable as possible, it is important that you read and understand these flying conditions. I understand that: Paragliding is a form of aviation, with all of the inherent and potential dangers that are involved in aviation. No form of aviation is without risk, and injuries and death can and do occur in paragliding, even trained pilots using proper equipment. No claim is made or implied that all sources of potential danger to the participant have or can be identified. No one should participate in paragliding who do not recognise and wish to personally assume the associated risks. This voucher is valid for 1 person to fly a tandem paraglider with an experienced pilot for training purposes only. This is NOT a commercial flight. This voucher is only valid for 9 months starting from the date purchased. If no flight is booked during this time your voucher will be void. This voucher can not be refunded, transferred to a different name or sold to any third party. This voucher is for persons that are 18years+ and not exceeding 100kg in weight.
YOU MUST BE IN GOOD PHYSICAL HEALTH. Although there is no maximum age for paragliding, you MUST be able to run on launch (sometimes up to 5-10mph) and be able to run on landing. If you are unable to do so and have already purchased a flight, your flight will be cancelled on the day with no refund or change of date. Please contact us before purchasing a voucher if you have any questions on your physical ability. Paragliding is an ‘Extreme Sport’ and full awareness of all the risks involved (including personal loss, injury or possibly death) should be known before flying. You will also take full responsibility of any personal injury or personal loss that may occur during the flight. Although we try and make our flights as safe as possible, and we are running at 0% injuries, there is always a risk of injury or sometimes death.  Your pilot is covered by £10,000,000 third party insurance that covers any third party damages (This does include the passenger, YOU). You will only be covered if your pilot is found to be negligent and because of that an injury has occurred. As stated paragliding is a dangerous sport and accidents do and can happen. If you wish to be covered for any loss due to an accident, please contact us and we can put you in touch with a 24hr sports insurance company. There must be NO alcohol or narcotics to be consumed prior or during the flight. Any persons found intoxicated before launch will have their flight cancelled and their voucher will be void immediately. There’s always time for a beer after the last flight of the day.
By signing, you are indicating that you fully understand the terms and condition of your flight/voucher, That you are in good physical health for flying, that all the information you have given is true, and take full responsibility for any personal risks during the flight.